Augsburg was founded at 15 BC on the orders of Roman Emperor Augustus under the name “Augusta Vindelicum” and is the oldest city of Bavaria, as well as the second oldest city of Germany.

During the Roman period was a fortification in Augsburg, which was extended in the Middle Ages with new walls and towers. Nowadays there are five city gates, four bastions and long sections of the city wall preserved.
In the 15th and 16th centuries, Augsburg was developed into a major trading center. The reason for the economic upswing was the metal business company the “Fugger” as well as the trade company the “Welser”.
In 1806 became Augsburg part of Bayaria, losing its status as the “Free Imperial City” after about 500 years.

Augsburg is the hometown of the painter's family Holbein, the composer Leopold Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's father) and the poet and writer Bertolt Brecht and is today considered the third largest economic and industrial center in Bavaria. The impressive town hall was built in the Renaissance and is together with the Perlachturm the landmark of the city of Augsburg. The town hall is famous mainly for its showpiece, the Golden Hall, which is located on the second floor and 14 meters high.


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