Budapest – A City Full of History

Budapest – A City Full of History

Romans, Slavs, Ottomans, Hapsburgs: Budapest is suffused with the strong influence of history. The Hungarian capital originated from three independent cities (Buda, Óbuda, and Pest) that were not officially united under the collective name „Budapest“ until 1873. In addition to the Buda palace quarter and the lively Adrássy Street, the fabled Danube panorama is also on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List: the Danube is spanned by a total of nine bridges, the oldest of which, and the symbol of the city, is the historic chain bridge.

The city, beautifully laid out along both riverbanks, seems designed for pleasant strolls in a fascinating atmosphere: in the capricious bustle of the broad boulevards, on Margaret Island in the middle of the river, or in the shady municipal forests. And don‘t forget the magnificent historic baths, whose healing waters were prized by the Romans, and the market hall, where you can find anything that‘s part of the famous Hungarian cuisine: wine and apricot schnapps, paprika peppers, goulash, and stuffed cabbage, as well as the world-famous spicy salami. The mix of the old and the modern is what this city is all about and makes a visit here unforgettable.

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