Hanover – the green City

Hanover – the green City

Since decades by now, Lower-Saxonie’s capital and its region convince as an international place of industry, services and trade in the heart of Germany and Europe.
Thanks to its fairground, Hanover built up a reputation all over the world as a city of considerable fairs and congresses.
Due to the lack of space, particularly the Maschsee, the old-town with Marktkirche, State-Opera House and Niki de Saint Phalle’s Nanas should be mentioned here for exemplary photo-scenes. A class of its own, is the dome-elevator of the New City Hall, that leads in a 17° sloping inclination up to the viewing-platform at about 100 m of altitude.
The market-hall attracts gourmets from near and far by its enormous choice of products. At the end of 19th century, it was custom to take a beer with a brandy and Hanover’s brewery tradition emerged the Lüttje Lage, which is – up to the present day – a real wet and cheerful fun for some sociable people! And after all: in no other major city, people in love walk their partner on the leash with such a wink in their eyes …

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