Heidelberg – historic university town on the Neckar

Heidelberg – historic university town on the Neckar

Heidelberg was first mentioned in documents in 1196, but its history reaches back to the time of the Romans and Celts. In the 13th century, was created a city plan and the castle was built.

With the founding of the university in 1386, which is the oldest university in Germany, the golden age of Heidelberg begun as the capital of Kurpfalz.

During the War of Succession at the end of the 17th century, Heidelberg was destroyed by French troops. The city was subsequently rebuilt on a medieval ground plan in the Baroque style and becomes an important university town and a popular tourist destination.
In the 19th century poets and thinkers, such as Friedrich Hölderlin, Clemens Brentano and Joseph von Eichendorff came to Heidelberg, and the city was under the nickname “City of Romanticism” (“Stadt der Romantik”) known. From the devastation of the Second World War, the Neckar city remained largely spared.

In 1951, the university campus “Neuenheimer Feld” was built and Heidelberg finally became the “city of science”. With the establishment of the Technology Park 1984 with around 80 companies and research facilities, the Science Park is one of the leading biotechnology locations worldwide.
Heidelberg is a city of short distances, so you can discover many sights and viewpoints during a short stay, such as the castle, the old bridge, as well as many other historic buildings, churches and monasteries.

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