Munich – The Cosmopolitan City with a Heart

Munich – The Cosmopolitan City with a Heart

Munich is well worth more than one trip! This „Cosmopolitan City with a Heart“ was founded in 1158; its original name, „apud Munichen,“ means „at the place of the monks.“ Even today, Munich‘s coat of arms bears a monk – the „Münchner Kindl.“ It is famous as the city‘s symbol far beyond the borders of Bavaria. The structures built by King Ludwig II are just as well known and loved throughout the world: Known as the „Märchenkönig“ (Fairy Tale King), he constructed such impressive structures as the Neuschwanstein and Linderhof castles. These unique structures can be easily reached from Munich.

Munich is known as a „Millionendorf“ (village of millions), where clocks always seem to tick a bit slower. „Live and let live“ is the philosophy that most Munich inhabitants have come to adopt. Life has a mediterranean attitude that‘s reflected in the most varied places and corners of the city. It‘s there to be enjoyed while meandering across the fabulous Marienplatz, during a culinary stroll through the famous Viktualienmarkt, ambling along the historic Leopoldstraße, or with a cool mug of beer in the pleasant and relaxing English Garden.

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