Regensburg – a symbol of history

Regensburg – a symbol of history

Regensburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany: The area was inhabited as early as the Stone Age, and the Celts left traces here as well. Regensburg received its name when it served as a Roman legion camp: „Castra Regina,“ the camp on the Regen. Epochs are not only visible here, they‘re within (your grasp) easy reach. For example, the city‘s medieval heyday is on display in the Roman and Gothic architecture which still defines the face of the city today. St. Peter‘s Gothic cathedral is just as famous as the Regensburg Cathedral Choir or the imposing stone bridge, built in the 12th century.
There are over 1,500 listed buildings in the city – and they are all worth a trip! The historic city centre is for the most part preserved and, considered the largest medieval old town in Germany, has been added to the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritages. There‘s hardly another city where past and present stride so easily into the future together. Today, Regensburg is a renowned university city. In the spring and fall, the „Regensburger Dult“ city festival lures revellers; the romantic Christkindlmarkt (Christ Child Market) is also worth a visit. In the spring and fall the city festival – called “Regensburger Dult”- invites you to celebrate.

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