General Terms and Conditions  for the hotel industry - Austria



These General Terms and Conditions apply to all guest accommodation contracts concluded between STAR INN HOTELS, in the name of Star Inn HotelbetriebsgmbH, Linke Wienzeile 224, A- 1150 Vienna. These terms and conditions can be viewed at and can therefore be considered as adequately made known to the customers, the parties to the rental agreement, as well as third parties, according to regulations in the Austrian Civil Code AGB


Conclusion of a contract, services provided, prices and payment

The services to be provided by the hotel are specified more closely in the “Tariff" issued by the management which is relevant at the respective point in time of conclusion of a contract.

The hotel is authorized unilaterally to alter or modify both the services to be provided as well as the amount to be paid by customer in as far as a period of more than 120 days lies between conclusion of the contract and actual provision of the services.

Rented rooms are only available for use by customers during the agreed times. Any use of other than the agreed time period must be agreed upon separately and also paid for separately. Any damages occurring to the room(s) and installations or if associated with special cleaning will be invoiced separately.

Option dates established in the agreement are binding for both contractual partners. The hotel reserves the right to let or re-let the reserved room and seminar rooms to other parties after expiry of the agreed option dates.

If the party ordering the services of the hotel is not identical with the contractual partner named by him then he declares on behalf of the named contractual partner that he will participate in the debt obligation as a further debtor and will fulfil all of the agreed duties and obligations of the contractual partner named by him arising from this contract.

All services provided by the hotel, if not otherwise contractually agreed, are to be paid for in advance for the whole period of the stay.

If an invoice is to be sent it is payable in full immediately without any deductions. The hotel will charge default interest on all arrears at a rate of 4% above the bank base rate. If a customer is in arrears with an invoice, the hotel is entitled to stop providing any further services to this customer even if a contracted agreement exists.


Food and Drinks

It is prohibited to consume food and drinks obtained from outside the hotel inside the hotel’s public areas. Breakfast may only be taken within the designated areas (breakfast room, lounge). Guests are prohibited from removing any of the items offered as part of their breakfast and taking them with them. The preparation of food in the hotel’s rooms is prohibited.



Allocation of rooms, handover of rooms and their return

The customer does not purchase the right to allocation of a particular room.

Booked rooms are available to the customer from 3 pm on the agreed arrival date.

The customer does not have any right to require an earlier allocation.

In case of an early check-in or check-out, guests may leave their luggage in the hotel.


The room in the hotel should be vacated on the agreed day of departure by 12:00 noon. The hotel is entitled to charge up to 100% of the full room price (day rate of the room) for any additional use of the room beyond this point in time.

The proprietor is entitled to total remittance or to part-payment of the invoice at any point of time.


If a guest fails to make an appearance (no show), he will be charged the full amount (100%) due for the reserved room(s).

Different cancellation periods apply for bookings for meeting rooms and groups ( more than 7 rooms) and during events and trade fairs. These will be stated during the booking process and on the booking confirmation.



Liability of the hotel

The parties have agreed that the hotel is not liable for goods which have been brought by customers or visitors into generally accessible areas of the hotel, into seminar rooms or also technical equipment. The hotel accepts liability for items brought to the hotel within the parameters of the legal provisions.

Liability for slight negligence, in particular, is excluded. The liability is furthermore limited to the personal objects of the guest. Excluded from this liability are valuable goods such as jewellery, fur coats, money, mobile phones, notebooks etc. According to a safe-keeping agreement, valuable goods should be locked in the room safe. The hotel is freed from any liability if the customer does not store and lock the valuable goods in the room safe.

In the event of faults or defects in the performance of the hotel, the hotel shall remedy the relevant situation upon receiving an immediate complaint from guests. The guest shall do everything that can be reasonably expected to help remove the fault and to keep potential damage as low as possible.

If the guest is given a parking slot in the hotel garage or hotel car park, whether for free or against a charge, then this shall not constitute a safekeeping agreement. The hotel cannot be held liable for any loss of or damage to vehicles and their contents which are parked on or moved on the hotel grounds. The hotel is under no obligation to provide surveillance and will  not accept liability for damage caused by other tenants or by any other third parties.

If the performance of the agreement becomes impossible due to circumstances to be deemed events of force majeure (e.g. natural calamities, strike, curfew, war, floods etc.), the Hotel may terminate the accommodation agreement at anytime without giving prior notice unless the agreement is already deemed terminated under the law or the Proprietor is released of its obligation to accommodate the Party. Any claims for damages etc. by the Party shall be excluded.





Pets are subject to the approval of the hotel proprietor prior to arrival.

If the hotel accepts the pet, it does so on the proviso that it is kept under the continuous supervision of the guest, and that it does not pose any other risks to other guests or the hotel staff.

The guest and/or their insurance company shall be jointly and severally liable

towards the Hotel for any damage caused by the animals brought along. Such

damage shall particularly also include any compensation to be paid by the proprietor

to third parties.


Final Provision:

There have been no verbal or side agreements made. All changes or additions must be in writing to be legally effective.

If any gaps arise in relation with the Agreement, the applicable legal provisions shall apply.

The hotel company will not participate in a dispute to be solved by an arbitration board or a conciliatory body.

The legal venue for all disputes between the parties arising from this contractual agreement is Vienna (Wien).Austria.


These general terms and conditions are based on the AGB – of the hotel industry Austria. ch.pdf